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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Find Out If Your Child Has Good Self-Esteem

Shalom, wonderful, beautiful, talented, holy readers (and listeners)!

After we've packed in a few tons of latkes, doughnuts, and chocolate coins collectively, we might not be feeling so great about ourselves.

But why not? How can we fight unhealthy urges to loathe our bodies or to just generally feel badly about ourselves? Listen up on the Eyshet Chayil Show entitled "Look Good and Feel Great - Jewish Style!"

After all, we wouldn't want to pass our hang-ups and insecurities to *gasp* our children, would we?

Despite our best efforts, our children can still develop poor self-esteem - I mean hey - growing up is hard! To find out whether YOUR child has good self-esteem (and what to do if she doesn't), click here.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Let Your Kids Color Their Way to a Happy Chanukkah!

On this week's Eyshet Chayil Show, we discussed the strong connection between Chanukkah and the Jewish value of giving your children a strong Jewish eduction.

Here are some activities to share with your children so they can have the best Chanukkah ever!

To start off, here's a great coloring page from www.aish.com:

Want to make a dreidel for each of your children? Encourage your little ones' creativity with these pencil dreidels from www.babaganewz.com:

Here's one more coloring page from www.torahtots.com:

If your child is privileged enough to be enrolled in a Jewish school, or in Hebrew classes, here's a fun activity from www.aklah.com: